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Letters to Santa…

Every year for Christmas I have the kids make a short list to mail to Santa.  The rules are simple:  you can have up to 10 things on the list, and you have to put a “star” by the top 3 things you really want.  They understand they may not get anything on the list, but it makes them think about what they really want, and I have a clue what to get them.

What’s interesting about their letters to Santa is there are no Zhu Zhu Pets, Squinkies, LaLaLoopsie dolls, Monster High dolls, or any other “hot” toy – other than the Nerf Stampede.

The lesson to be learned here is, maybe it’s not so important to know – or care – about the “hot” toy lists.  Maybe it’s more important to have a dialogue with your child, and talk about their hopes and dreams for the holidays.  Then balance that with your budget and what you feel comfortable giving.

As my daughter reminded me yesterday, “Mommy, Christmas is really about Jesus’ birthday”.  And my son piped in, “And it’s about being together with people you care about”.  So they know.  And I feel good about that.  But, I also do want a few presents for them to unwrap and play with.  Because they are kids, and Christmas is still a magical time for them.  And a magical time for me, because they are still young and we are all at home together.  Now, what to do with the $77 of Squinkies I bought…

What did your kids ask for?  Were you surprised?

Photo:  Scott Feldstein


Review: What To Buy Me – Facebook wishlist

How many times have you wanted to get someone a gift, and wished you knew what they would like?  I’ve been beta testing What To Buy Me – a new Facebook app that allows you to create a wishlist, share it with your friends, and see your friends wishlists.

It was fun thinking about things I would like, and creating my wishlist.  The app is very simple to use – just a description and priority ranking is required for each wish.  There are also 2 levels of privacy: a default list setting, and an individual wish setting.  A Facebook account is required to use this app.

According to What To Buy Me, most wishlists are tied to product links – you find something you like, click on it, and it’s dropped into a wishlist.  (That’s the way my Amazon wishlist works.)  I like the fact that I can just freeform enter things I like, whether they have links or not.  I also like the way you can find out interesting things about a person by looking a their list.  The app is free, and it’ll be interesting to see if this helps me with my holiday shopping and crafting.