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What’s Hot: Crazy Loop (Mm ma ma)

The video is slightly weird and kinky, but this is absolutely a fun, butt-moving song.  We play it when we need to burn through a huge pile of laundry to fold, or sometimes just rock out in the car to it.  Although, my kids often say, “Mom, please, the windows are open”, and roll their eyes.

And yes, the lead singer is Dan Balan, who used to be in O-Zone, most famous for The Numa Numa Song, or Dragostea Din Tei (which translates to Under the Linden Tree).  I heard Numa Numa for the first time during my son’s 4th grade talent show, when a very shy girl in his class picked up a mic and blasted through it – very memorable.


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What’s Hot: music – Old Ke$ha Parody

Serious silliness. My kids have been singing this while riding in the back of the van. They actually harmonize quite well. Thank you, Key of Awesome

Of course, there’s also been alot of Captain Crunch around lately, too…

Let’s punch, Cap’n Crunch.
Then we’ll eat his face for lunch.
Fly a kite, drink some sprite.
Here we go to sleep tonight.
Tik Tok.
Found a rock.
Gonna knock these poser’s socks off.

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