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Clouds, by Zach Sobiech

The world is a little dimmer today. The bright soul that was Zach Sobiech passed away yesterday, May 20th. He turned 18 on May 3rd. Zach, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was in 8th grade, is 2 days older than my oldest son.

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What’s Hot: Hatsune Miku

My daughter’s latest favorite diva is Hatsune Miku.  Miku is 16 years old, 5’2” with cyan blue ponytails that fall almost to her ankles.  She has a vocal range like no other – human, that is.  She is a Vocaloid – the child of technology, music, and anime.

Hatsune Miku performs on stage as a projection, on a massive mostly-transparent screen surrounded by towers, under a rock star light rack.  Rimmed by her band of live musicians, The 39s, she sings in the midst of a sea of glow sticks moving in rhythm.  With expressive dance moves and fun, catchy tunes, her name reads “first sound from the future”.

She is a musician. She is entertainment. She is a confluence. She is illustrated by KEI, animated by SEGA, created by Crypton Future Media, and powered by Yamaha’s technology, with a voice sampled from Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita, singing a song written by Ryo Supercell), that is published by Sony Entertainment.

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What’s Hot: The gummy bear song

My kids are listening to this right now. Techno kid dance party. Feeling the need to run to the store and buy some gummy bears for snacking. Want more? Check out the official gummy bear website and Youtube channel.

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What’s Hot: Mean, by Taylor Swift (or, Tales of our First Girl Sleepover)

My daughter, Katy, had her first sleepover party recently.  She’s 9 now, and I promised when she was done with third grade she could have one.  I was a little nervous.  Although we’ve had countless boy sleepovers, this was our first GIRL sleepover.

Boy sleepovers are rowdy, wild, and full of videogames.  What would girls want to do?

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What’s Hot: Minecraft “TNT” (parody of Dynamite)

Yesterday my kids and their friends set off a massive TNT explosion in Minecraft that caused all 8 computers in our house to lag, and 2 of them to reboot.  You never heard such hysterical shrieking and gut-busting laughter.  Who doesn’t love blowing things up?

Today on the commute in to school, the kids showed me this Minecraft video – called “TNT”, a parody of Taio Cruz’s popular Dynamite song.  It’s Sweet.

You see, my new Toyota Sienna has a spot on the dashboard where there’s an indent for the back-up camera LCD – so when I’m in reverse I can see what’s behind me.  Turns out my Android smartphone fits perfectly in that spot, and we launch videos on YouTube, set the phone on the dash, and watch videos to wake us up in the morning while driving to school.  Gotta love technology.

Another Minecraft song they like is Minecraft Everyday.

Here’s the Minecraft creeper tee shirt we just bought from Jinx.  It’s so soft…

You can check out Notch’s YouTube channel here.

Here’s a couple more fun wake-up-in-the-morning songs for ya:

  • Mad Surfer – by Kenichi Asai (from Bleach)
  • DotA – by Basshunter (not much video to watch with this link, as kids aren’t allowed to watch official video with the sexy drinking…)

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What’s Hot: Houki Boshi (BLEACH)

Here’s a vid of my daughter’s new favorite song – Houki Boshi, recorded by Korean singer Younha when she was only 17 years old.  The song was selected as an ending for the anime BLEACH (which I’m currently watching with our older kids, and will post a review on soon).  I love it because it’s such a happy tune, and it inspires my daughter to practice piano – and you can’t help but dance and twirl together to it.  Enjoy!

Want to know what she’s saying, in English?

Looking up to the night sky alone, I saw a comet
In an instant it burst open, and disappeared
When I think of you, my heart aches
I want to see you right now
But I can’t fly

If I could turn into a comet
I would run through the sky and fly
No matter what tomorrow is like, these feelings are strong
So this comet will never break open

When I grumble about hating it when it rains
I even now remember what you would say
Stars will come out beautifully in the night sky, after the rain
When I think about that
I think that I can grow to love the rain too

If I could turn into a comet
I would she’d my overflowing light
Whenever I was sad, you would always look up to the night sky
And make it shine even more, so that I would smile

You’re always alone, and fighting with something
But I can’t be
At your side

If I could turn into a comet
I would run through the sky and fly
It will definitely reach you, in the light of this moment
Your moment shines, bringing the sky around
If I could turn into a comet
I would certainly be by your side, at any time

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What’s Hot: The Ready Set – Love Like Woe

This video was brought to you by my 6th grader’s Social Studies teacher, Mrs. S., who seriously thinks kids need to take a break and have mini-dance-parties during the school day; a get-the-energy-out break, then back to focus on learning.  My kids think she is Best. Teacher. Ever.

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