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What’s Hot: Minecraft Style (parody of PSY’s Gangnam Style)

Love PSY’s “Gangnam Style“? Love Minecraft? Captain Sparklez puts it all together for you, with some epic animation…

My kids told me about this video when I asked what they would like for their morning wake-up song. I said, “But, it only has 2 million views!”. They said, “Yeah, Mom, it’s new – like, it’s been up for like, 2 days.”

Oooooohhhh, sexy piggies…

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What’s Hot: Revenge – Creepers Tryin’ to Steal All Our Stuff (Minecraft parody of DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love)

One more brilliant Minecraft parody, to add to your collection – taken from Usher’s hit DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love.  Thank you, Captain Sparklez.

P.S. I use all the Minecraft parodies and songs to wake up my kids in the morning.  They make a great get-up-and-go alarm clock!  I play them on my Droid, and just leave the phone in their room  until they all get out of bed. #evilmom #mwahaha


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What’s Hot: Form This Way (Minecraft parody of Born This Way)

One of the great things about Minecraft is the way it spawns creativity, mashups and parodies. We all have that creative streak inside of us, and Minecraft encourages us to imagine, create, build, program, play, draw, write, and in some cases, sing.

Form This Way is an amazing parody of Lady Gaga’s hit Born This Way.  The YouTube video above was created by fans of Minecraft: “the Yogscast organised and paid for a remixed version of Martyn’s original song to be made without copyrighted karaoke background music”.

Be sure to check out the comments on YouTube – they’re hilarious:

God: I created the earth.

Notch:I created minecraft.

God: So what?

Notch: Mine’s bigger.

P.S. This is a great song to wake up to in the morning. Gets the kids out of bed and moooving.

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Reviews By Kids, For Kids: The Aether Mod for Minecraft

If you love playing Minecraft, there’s something new you should try: The Aether Mod.  A mod is pretty much an expansion to the game.  The users of Minecraft can program their own mods in Minecraft.  Why use a mod?  Maybe you want some extra fun stuff to do in Minecraft.  In fact, there’s a mod for just about anything that you could think of:  a time machine, more cooking, spells, more magic, more crafting, skills, and much more.

However, there is one mod that is basically a huge overhaul of the game that has been in development for about 4 months and was just recently released, and that is the Aether Mod.

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What’s Hot: Minecraft “TNT” (parody of Dynamite)

Yesterday my kids and their friends set off a massive TNT explosion in Minecraft that caused all 8 computers in our house to lag, and 2 of them to reboot.  You never heard such hysterical shrieking and gut-busting laughter.  Who doesn’t love blowing things up?

Today on the commute in to school, the kids showed me this Minecraft video – called “TNT”, a parody of Taio Cruz’s popular Dynamite song.  It’s Sweet.

You see, my new Toyota Sienna has a spot on the dashboard where there’s an indent for the back-up camera LCD – so when I’m in reverse I can see what’s behind me.  Turns out my Android smartphone fits perfectly in that spot, and we launch videos on YouTube, set the phone on the dash, and watch videos to wake us up in the morning while driving to school.  Gotta love technology.

Another Minecraft song they like is Minecraft Everyday.

Here’s the Minecraft creeper tee shirt we just bought from Jinx.  It’s so soft…

You can check out Notch’s YouTube channel here.

Here’s a couple more fun wake-up-in-the-morning songs for ya:

  • Mad Surfer – by Kenichi Asai (from Bleach)
  • DotA – by Basshunter (not much video to watch with this link, as kids aren’t allowed to watch official video with the sexy drinking…)

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Minecraft: In search of diamonds

Minecraft is now over 1 million downloads, and is currently in beta.  Price is now 15 euros, or around $20 US.  By now, every child/teen in our family has purchased Minecraft and it has surpassed Blockland in our house in popularity.  The older kids are still waiting for the ability in Minecraft to easily create your own programming scripts for mods – it can be done, but it’s not built in, so it’s difficult – which is one of the reasons they love Blockland (and RTB).

Our review on Minecraft is here, and Blockland is here.  And yes, you can ride a pig in Minecraft.  Really.


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Reviews By Kids, For Kids: Minecraft

Review by Nick, age 15

A little more information about Minecraft

If you like Blockland, you should check out Minecraft.  All of my boys laid out their cash ($15 each) and purchased Minecraft (Alpha) over the weekend, after playing the free online version (Minecraft Classic) for a couple weeks.  They came home from school today, and said kids were sneak-playing Minecraft after school in the computer lab.

Minecraft is an online 3D sandbox style construction and survival adventure game with over 1,333,000 registered users, created by indie developer Markus “Notch” Persson from Sweden.  Everything – landscape, structures, mines, people / avatars, animals, and monsters (creepers, zombies, skeletons, spiders) – is built out of blocks or cubes, and you can play in single or multiplayer mode.  Built in Java, and published by Persson’s Mojang Specifications company, there are 2 versions:  Classic – released 5/17/09, and Alpha – released June 28, 2010.  Classic is only building with unlimited blocks; Alpha includes building, crafting, mining, and monsters.

According to the Minecraft official site at

“Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that.  The game…has has enemies and cave exploring and mining and farming and flowing water and dynamic lighting and a huge (huge) randomly generated world map. AND it has music!  Minecraft is still in alpha, but is rapidly nearing beta. I’ve only got one more feature to add; multiplayer support… The main branch of the game is currently called “Minecraft Alpha”, and is under heavy development. It can be a bit unstable at times, so don’t get too attached to your save files yet.”

For an excellent, in-depth review of Minecraft check out this article on Crave, the Gadget Blog from CNET:

“Minecraft has ancient-looking graphics, no plot, and generates massive, sandbox game worlds with seemingly infinite creative possibilities, but no clear instructions telling you what to do or how to get started.

Despite that seemingly user-unfriendly formula, Minecraft’s buzz is so strong the server hosting its Web site crashed this weekend under the weight of the incoming traffic. Spend an hour with Minecraft (which can easily spiral into two or three) and you’ll quickly understand the reason for the enthusiasm around this indie hit.

Minecraft puts you in the role of a nameless avatar. You begin the game in a randomly generated world of textured blocks that depict a gigantic, mountain-pocked environment bounded by water. You start with no inventory, and no clear concept of how to interact with the world. With a little experimentation you’ll likely soon discover that you can gather resources from the vast blocky landscape.

Spend a little time in Minecraft and the creative urge will likely take hold.”

Don’t forget to check out the comments section for the article, too, where players describe Minecraft as:

“The true beauty of this game lies in its multiplayer. When you’re on a server with 20 people, all of which are digging and building incredible creations, the game really turns into a virtual world. A very simple, and fun, virtual world.”

“What i really like about Minecraft is how anyone can play it. There is hardly any violence in Minecraft, so this is a game I could see children play as a way to express their creativity (unless you consider punching sheep for wool too violent).”

“I could see children play as a way to express their creativity…But don’t get your kids this game. It’s so addictive…

This game is more then addicting. I love it. The sandbox is really truly sandbox. No 2 games are ever alike (literally since the land is randomly generated) Its great how simplistic it all is yet can create so much.  I plan to populate many more islands/ areas and build anything I can imagine. your only limited by the resources you collect. (and what the creepers dont destroy) I cannot wait for multi-player. and invite my friends to my world along with me going to theirs. 


For more information: – official Minecraft site.

Minepedia – offers info on blocks, gameplay, servers, programs and editors, crafting recipes, and development resources, along with forums, museum, skins, development blog, IRC, and more.


Twitter – very active Minecraft Forums, along with links to Twitter, Status Blog, Play Minecraft!, Development Blog, Music Blog, Minepedia, and Minecraft IRC.

The Word of Notch – blog by indie developer Markus Persson

iPod apps:

Guide to Minecraft $.99

Minecraft Companion $.99


Your First Shelter in Minecraft (Tutorial Machinima) 

Building a starting house (Minecraft Tutorial) 

How to Survive your First Night (Minecraft Tutorial)   

What’s different between Blockland and Minecraft?

Blockland you have to install, but with Minecraft all you need is an internet connection and the executable file.  Also, you can play Minecraft in your browser because it’s made in Java.

Minecraft randomly autogenerates the landscape when you log in, and has building, crafting, mining.  The best part is the adventure game – when it becomes night, the monsters come out, and you have to stay alive (reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when the Stalfos skeletons would come out at night…). 

Blockland has landscapes you can choose from – default ones, and custom built maps from RTB – and is basically building.  However, you can set up adventure games or building scenarios on your server as:  knife death match, TDM (Total Death Match), dodgeball game, mining, freebuild, dogfight, sniper/warfare battle, challenge, medieval RPG, city RPG, family, school, arcade, artwork, or anything else you can imagine.  You can download add-ons from RTB for maps, weapons, vehicles, games, and more, and create your own add-ons using TorqueScript.

Lastly, the Minecraft community (so far) seems to be a more friendly, less hostile group than you typically find on Blockland, with its foul language and “EPIC FAIL, NOOB!!!”


There are some amazing numbers associated with this game.  According to Wikipedia, as of October 2010, Minecraft has had over 415,000 purchases – that’s over $6.25 million!  After a recent “free to play” event, there were over 25,000 sales within a 24 hour period (that’s $375,000 in downloads in 1 day!).  Minecraft Alpha is currently 9.95 Euros, which is around $15 – a 50% discount off the price when it goes to Beta.

Clearly Minecraft is HOT and worth checking out, but keep in mind the game has some serious issues.  If you pay, don’t necessarily expect to be able to play without issues and an always-available-server.  Alpha version multiplayer has a lot of glitches – it’s alpha version, so expect it to be rough around the edges.  Also, Minecraft was down most of the day yesterday, and the website was unavailable due to hackers/DDoS attack.

Minecraft has also received many positive reviews, and there is huge interest in this creative and fun game right now.  The best thing about Minecraft is the joy of creating (building and crafting), mining resources, staying alive through the night, and playing with other people.  I’d recommend this game for ages 10 and up.

Have you played Minecraft?  What did you like/not like about it?  If you haven’t played, check it out (the free version, anyway) and tell us what you think in the comments.

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