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Review: .hack//Sign

.hack//Sign is the prequel to the original four PS2 games (Infection, Outbreak, Mutation, Quarantine) and is the story of Tsukasa, a wavemaster, who wakes up in a dungeon in The World with no idea where he is and no memory of what he was doing.  Also, for some unknown reason Tsukasa is unable to log out of The World.  Other characters are introduced including Mimiru, Bear, Lady Subaru, Silver Knight, Sora, BT, Helba, Harald, Morganna, Aura; some want to help Tsukasa, and some just want to get their hands on the Key of the Twilight.

Mysteries abound, and with every episode we follow the characters as they search for clues, yet every revelation leads to more questions than answers.  Why is Tsukasa unable to log out?  What happened to Tsukasa’s player character in the real world?  Eventually we discover that Tsukasa’s consciousness is trapped in the game.  But why, and how?  What is really going on?  What is the Key of the Twilight, and does it even exist?  How can Tsukasa be saved?

A character driven story, .hack//Sign slowly immerses you in the layers under the game The World as various thought provoking themes are explored.  Why do people play online MMORPG games?  For fun and entertainment.  To pass the time. To level up, quest, and achieve goals.  To escape reality.  Loneliness.  What happens when virtual reality is preferable to real life?  And most importantly – the importance of friends.  How sometimes we can’t save ourselves – we need others to help us.

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