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Legend of Korra

The next Avatar is here, and her name is Korra.

There is only one Avatar – one person who brings balance to the world. The Avatar maintains both the balance of nature and the balance of peace between the world’s four nations. Only the Avatar can bend all four elements – water, earth, fire, and air.

Legend of Korra, an American animated TV series, premiered 4/14/12 on Nickelodeon and is the sequel to the hit show Avatar: The Last Airbender which aired from 2005 – 2008.

Legend of Korra takes place in the same Avatar: The Last Airbender mythology /universe, only 70 years later. Technology has advanced to around that of the 1920s. Korra will be darker themed than the original series – “more mature than original, but same sense of fun and adventure”.

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Magic: The Gathering

Playing our first tournament…

My kids are in the middle of playing their first Magic: The Gathering tournament.  We’ve been practicing for weeks, fine tuning our decks. Now we’re ready to try our first tournament.

We get there at 5 p.m., but they don’t actually start until around 5:45. Parking is tough. There’s a mix of about 40 people – little kids (look like 10 yr olds), college kids, and adults.  Gray hair, nerd hair, normal-Joe looking hair. One guy is wearing a pink-checked cap with matching pink backpack. Geek heaven. All guys, except for 1 girl.


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

It’s the question keeping all of us up at night, and my 11 year has discovered the answer:  334 licks.

You’re welcome.

(Photo by Pear Girl)


Bunnyware: Whimsical pottery by Laura Burch

My morning cup of java.  I’m a tea drinker, but my heart belongs to coffee.

I call it “Bunnyware”.  I love it, because it makes me happy.  The bunny on my mug is my little coffee companion, there with me through all the deadlines and To Do lists I must tackle.

Bunnyware is whimsical pottery crafted by Laura Burch.  I’ve purchased a number of her items over the past 10 years.  My collection is more than just for show – it’s useable pottery, sturdy and dependable, lighthearted and playful.  Every piece of Bunnyware I own I purchased when I needed a reason to smile.  Every time I was struggling or dealing with really bad news, I would drive down and get me a new piece of Bunnyware.  And it would quietly warm my soul.

Laura Burch’s pottery can be purchased at Handwork (a cooperative craft store in Ithaca, NY),, or Etsy.


Amazon Associates?

Since I link so much to Amazon anyway, I joined their Amazon Associates affiliate program, which means if you click through a link on Kid Mania to Amazon and buy an item, we’ll get a small commission, like around 4% of the price.

Our family works together to do reviews on our own things, meaning we aren’t paid to do reviews and we don’t receive any free products to review (not that we’d refuse to do it, but we would definitely add a disclaimer so you would know).

So, I’ll be throwing in a couple of Amazon links here and there, and if it works out, maybe we could reward the kids with pizza once in a while.  If not, that’s ok too.

If you’d like to support Kid Mania Blog, then feel free to click through, but certainly, don’t feel you have to.  Thanks for your support!


Review: What To Buy Me – Facebook wishlist

How many times have you wanted to get someone a gift, and wished you knew what they would like?  I’ve been beta testing What To Buy Me – a new Facebook app that allows you to create a wishlist, share it with your friends, and see your friends wishlists.

It was fun thinking about things I would like, and creating my wishlist.  The app is very simple to use – just a description and priority ranking is required for each wish.  There are also 2 levels of privacy: a default list setting, and an individual wish setting.  A Facebook account is required to use this app.

According to What To Buy Me, most wishlists are tied to product links – you find something you like, click on it, and it’s dropped into a wishlist.  (That’s the way my Amazon wishlist works.)  I like the fact that I can just freeform enter things I like, whether they have links or not.  I also like the way you can find out interesting things about a person by looking a their list.  The app is free, and it’ll be interesting to see if this helps me with my holiday shopping and crafting. 


Bunny in a stroller, snake in a sling

Our house bunny needed his nails clipped yesterday.  It was such a hot day, and I had to bring all the kids with me, I thought – I am NOT carrying a pet carrier all around the mall.  So we did the next best thing, and hauled the old twin baby stroller out of the basement.

Wary of strange people’s stares, I carefully placed a blanket over the top of the stroller, and it looked like any other baby stroller.  The only problem I could see, would be running into someone I knew, who would then think I had another child!

We ran all our errands, and headed to the pet store.  Pulled up the stroller, and uncovered the pet carrier.  There was already a customer at the counter, buying some tasty mice for her pet snake.  She was gently petting and rubbing her snake, while talking to the clerk and paying for a mouse dinner.

When she finished, she lifted up the snake and gently placed him in a baby sling, which she placed over her shoulder.  As she left the store, I laughed.  I mean, how strange is that?  A bunny in a stroller, and a snake in a sling.


Hello world!

Woot!  Welcome to my world.  Crazy.  Kids.  Love.  Gratitude.

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