10 things you can do for Mom on Mother’s Day – for free!


Every year for Mother’s Day I think about how much I love my kids, and how lucky and grateful I am to be a mother. And I wonder what they will surprise me with on Mother’s Day.

First thing when I wake up, a little after the crack of dawn, I am instantly alert, dreading the “breakfast in bed” surprise. It’s not that I don’t love someone making me breakfast, it’s the interesting things they serve – one year it was chicken nuggets. Another year it was a banana, and a plate of crusty “scrambled eggs” with only a trace of yellow.

Then there’s the arguing about who’s going to carry the tray, on the dangerous journey up the stairs. While I wait, feigning sleep, holding my breath, with my fingers crossed. Ready to spring out of bed if I hear an “Oops!” followed by a crash-itty thumpathump.

At the top of the stairs, they negotiate in loud whispers – who gets to serve the tray to mom. And who gets to wake me up.

Then it’s me, trying to balance a tray on the covers, and not spill the cold cereal all over my sheets. Oops, there goes the orange juice. And the maple syrup. And the chicken nuggets.

Then, they take photos of mom, with major bedhead. Smile!

To heck with it. Their joy is infectious. Everyone piles on, and I set the tray on the nightstand. Time for hugs and smiles all around.

We are so blessed to be a family. I’ll change the sheets later, smiling inside. They love me.

So what can you do for Mom on Mother’s Day?

Without spending any money?

Here’s 10 ideas – pick 1 or more, whatever you think best suits your mom:

  1. Give her a hug.
  2. Cook her dinner. Include a sweet dessert. Set the table all fancy – candles are appropriate. Do the dishes afterwards. All of them.
  3. Make her breakfast. Serve her in bed, if that’s something that would get her heart thumping.
  4. Make her a card. Or draw her a picture – sign and date it. Or write her a love note – tell her 3 reasons you love her. Or go crazy, and write a poem.
  5. Make her a coupon book. Find some inspiration on Pinterest.
  6. Pick flowers for her. From your garden. Or wildflowers from the side of the road. Or a handful of sunny dandelions. Put them in a vase, with a ribbon. Serve with a smile.
  7. Go for a walk together. Hold hands. Ask about when she was little.
  8. Spend time doing something together – play a board game. Go to the beach. Play catch. Read a book, alternating pages.
  9. Ask her what you can do for her today – what does she wish for? Is it an afternoon to lounge around and read a book? Is it an uninterrupted bath? Is it no arguing between kids for the whole day?
  10. Let her sleep in. Survey says the number 1 thing a Mom truly desires on her special day is – more sleep.

What will you do for Mother’s Day? Did she like it?

Photo: By Eric Peacock


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