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Clouds, by Zach Sobiech

The world is a little dimmer today. The bright soul that was Zach Sobiech passed away yesterday, May 20th. He turned 18 on May 3rd. Zach, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was in 8th grade, is 2 days older than my oldest son.

Zach’s Story

Zach Sobiech, of Lakeland, Minnesota, doesn’t go far without his guitar in tow. Facing months to live, 17-year-old Zach is turning to music – writing and performing songs as a way to say goodbye to his friends and family.

Zach was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2009. Since his diagnosis, Zach has endured several surgeries and months of chemo. In May, 2012, the cancer spread to his pelvis and lungs. There are no known effective treatments left. As Zach fights to live, he remains the same joyful soul he has always been. He still smiles as brightly as he did before cancer – it just means more now.

To read Zach’s story or to donate to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund, visit Read more about Zach on his personal blog:”

Help support the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund by downloading “Clouds” on iTunes.

SoulPancake did a documentary with Zach and his family for his YouTube channel, called My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech. In it, you will rarely see Zach without a smile. And his amazing mom talks about how ironically, cancer gives you the blessing of perspective – “that life is richer. Everything means more.”

Zach says, “I want to be remembered as a kid that went down fighting. I didn’t really lose.” He created music, because he wanted to leave something behind.

Thank you Zach. Your smile and your courage are inspiring. You have touched us with your music and your story, and we will not forget you.

And, while you’ve got your box of Kleenex out, here’s another song. This one is by Taylor Swift, for a little boy named Ronan, who passed away from neuroblastoma in May 2011, 3 days before his fourth birthday. It’s a tribute to Ronan Thompson, “Ronan” – You Were My Best 4 Years.

Hello, World. Let’s get more cancer research funded, people. We need more effective cancer treatments. It’s about time we cured cancer. Now.

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On behalf of the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund, we’d love your support in getting the word out about Zach’s dying wish to help other kids with cancer through this Fund he set up with Children’s Cancer Research Fund. For more information about Zach Sobiech and his charity, please visit To download Clouds or his album Fix Me Up, please visit

Thank you for helping us build Zach’s inspirational legacy of hope and optimism.

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