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Review: The False Prince, by Jennifer A. Nielsen


It’s morning, and I’m bleary eyed.  The kids and I are reading “The False Prince”, by Jennifer A. Nielsen – the first book in The Ascendance Trilogy.  Except, I started reading ahead. And then, I couldn’t put it down…

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Review: McDonald’s Premium McWrap


How good are the new McDonald’s Premium McWraps? Well, I tried to snap a picture, but by the time I had my phone camera in my hand and ready, this was all that remained. Sorry. But, they were delicious.

Coming back from grocery shopping and running errands, I wanted to get the kids a treat for being so good, and it was lunch time. Our local McDonald’s was running a promo – $2 for the new McWrap. I’d wanted to try one earlier, but they’re normally $3.99 each, and I thought that was too much to try something new.

We ordered 3 Sweet Chili, and a Chicken Ranch and a Chicken Bacon. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to eat a burrito-type item in the car – too messy – so I made them wait until we got home. Then, it was like the Tasmanian Devil whirled through, and soon there was nothing but wrappers and bits of lettuce on the table.

I asked the kids what they thought.

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Review: What Came from the Stars, by Gary D. Schmidt

what came from the stars






















Tommy Pepper is your average 6th grader, who likes football and hates homework.  He’s bright, kind, and sad. Tommy lost his mother in a car accident less than a year ago, and his family’s house by the ocean in Plymouth, Massachusetts seems empty without her. Tommy’s father hasn’t painted since that day, and his little sister, Patty, hasn’t spoken a word. To make things even worse, a local real estate agent is determined to obtain their property – a heavenly little piece of beach – to build a huge condominium complex.

Far, far away, on the other side of the universe, on a planet with 2 suns, a battle between good and evil is waging. The good guys, the Valorim, are losing. They are slowly but surely succumbing to the bad guys, Lord Mondus and his host of O’Mondim, faceless creatures from the watery deep.

As the last few brave Valorim warriors still stand, a pendant is forged – a chain into which is poured the Art of Valorim. Their art, their music, their power, their magic. With a last desperate hope, the pendant is sent up, up, up into the sky, through the atmosphere, across the stars, to a small blue planet with 1 sun.

It lands in Tommy’s lunchbox…

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Keeping your kids safe – do you trust other parents with your kids?

Buttermilk Falls and its swimming area

I love this post by Veronica, about “how do you encourage independence while keeping your kids safe”.

I want my kids to be independent and have fun, but it’s most important that they be safe.

I try to teach my kids about personal safety and making good choices, because I know I won’t always be there with them. But honestly, I have a hard time trusting other parents with my kids. Other parents – and other families – have different rules and values. And sometimes they conflict with your rules and values.

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