What’s Hot: Nerdy Nummies

Yesterday we had reason to celebrate. Son #1 got a big envelope from the college of his choice. He was accepted, and received a sizeable scholarship.

Me: “What should we do to celebrate?!?!”

Kids: “Go out to dinner!!”

Me: “No! We’re poor – we have to save for tuition!!”

My 10 year old daughter: “Let’s make a cake – just like Nerdy Nummies!”

Me: “Huh?”

My 10 year old daughter: “YouTube, Mom, come on…” *commence rolling of the eyes*

Unbeknownst to me, my girl has been watching hours of Nerdy Nummies on YouTube. And, she put it to good use – she made a chocolate cake, frosted it, put frosting in a plastic baggie and decorated it all fancy – all by herself.

Nerdy Nummies is Rosanna Pansino and crew. With 422,869 subscribers and over 80 million views, Ro Pansino is a “YouTuber and Baker of Nerdy Things” worth watching.  Italian, cute and funny, Ro takes baking to a level that will get geeks and gamers drooling.

No Martha Stewart, Nerdy Nummies uses cooking shortcuts like cake mixes, pre-made frosting and fondant, and normal, everyday utensils like a whisk or hand mixer.  And candy. Yum.

Using YouTube for good, not evil, California girl Ro whips up nothing too fancy or intimidating, just beautiful, creative, colorful, delicious geek-themed yummies.

Want to make an edible chess set – a chessboard cake, with white and dark chocolate playing pieces? Nerdy Nummies shows you how, then they play chess. On the cake.

Or how about a giant cheeseburger cake? Or Tetris cookies? Or Piranha Plant Cookie Pops? Or PacMan cookies?

Whether it’s a giant iPhone cake, a Zelda Hyrulian shield cake, a batch of Pokemon pizza, a Hello Kitty cake,  Captain America cake, Super Mario cake pops, or Angry Birds cupcakes, Nerdy Nummies is there, giving you step-by-step walkthroughs on geeky goodness and ComicCon-type confections.

Ro says she’s “not a pro” but loves baking as a hobby. And she has a pink knife named Sasha. (So dear to my heart…)

So, check it out, and be inspired. New videos every Tuesday.

We’re off to buy some fondant…


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    Sasha said,

    My name is sasha lol! ! I love ur cakes ! If u cud send ur fone number to me via email that wud b gr8! I’ll b ringin u for a cake lol! Do u make cakes 4 cash? I just wanna now!

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