BronyCon 2013, Here we come!


It’s official! Based on the fun time we had at Canterlot Gardens, our family has voted for this year’s family vacation to be going to BronyCon 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland on August 2-4.

We’ve purchased our Early Bird passes, and booked our rooms at the Hilton.

We’re looking forward to BronyPalooza, with Poni1Kenobi, The Living Tombstone, Alex S. and Silva Hound. (But, why aren’t Forest Rain and Glaze on the musician list?)

And we’re looking forward to the special guests, the VIPs, the panels (hoping for Lauren Faust, John “Q” DeLancie, Tara Strong and more). We’re hoping Las Pegasus Unicon will not have a negative impact on the ability of pony con’s to attract the talent and special guests.

Then there’s the artist gallery, with the plushies, the posters, the tee shirts, the figurines, the buttons, and all the other droolalicious pony swag there.

And of course, we’re looking forward to seeing the creative and colorful cosplayers, and maybe do a little cosplay of our own.


We have 5 months to save up the money to go. The kids are saving up their grade money, and my oldest even got a part time job. I’m selling things on eBay. We calculate it will cost us around $2,700 to go. So far we’ve saved up $700, so we need to get cracking.

My Son #1 is also creating pony music, with the FL Studio and Ableton music production software he got for Christmas. He’s been working on pony-inspired house tracks, and instead of working on remixes, he wants to start creating his own vocals. Now he wants a microphone. #momoney *sigh*

Right now he’s working on some My Little Remix’s Rainbow & Rooted projects.

And my girl has been working on her pony artwork – she’ll be 11 by the time August rolls around. Here’s a couple of her latest – Alicorn Twilight, and Fluttershy:

TwilightSparkle03122013byBabyChao     Fluttershy031202013 byBabyChao

If you’re thinking about going to BronyCon 2013,

So, we’ll post updates now and then, and in August, we’ll be in Baltimore with 6,000+ other pony fans. See you there!

Are you going? What part of BronyCon are you most excited about?

p.s. And BronyCon – how about updating your Guests page? Pweeeze?



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