The new Shaman King 2012: Flowers

Note: Please check the bottom of this post for updates and links to English translations!

Shaman King fans. You’ve been waiting for it. It’s finally here. Hiroyuki Takei’s manga series Shaman King has been revived, first with Shaman King: Zero and now with the official sequel, Shaman King: Flowers – starting in the April 10 Jump Kai release. While Shaman King: Zero showed us the backstories of Yoh, Ren, Horohoro, Lyserg, Hao, and Chocolove, the new Shaman King: Flowers (シャーマンキング 花, Shāman Kingu Hana) will focus on Hana Asakura (the son of Yoh and Anna) development as a shaman.

At the end of the omake / chapter 5 of Shaman King: Zero there is the page below, with color art of Hana Asakura, Itako no Anna the 3rd, and a new evil “Asakura” with bandages, an umbrella, and an eyepatch – emblazoned with Hao’s star emblem. Flowers starts next issue of Jump Kai – April 10th!

For more info on Shaman King Flowers, check out the official JumpKai website.  (About now, I’m wishing I could read Japanese. Again…) Here’s some pics of the new main characters:

***spoiler alert***

According to PatchCafe, the plot summary for the first chapter is:

Finally, the new “Mankin” awakens!!!! The story takes place in Funbari ga Oka (Nishitokyo city, Tokyo prefecture) 14 years after the Shaman Fight that held so many epic battles. Hana Asakura, who is now 13 years old, grew up protected by Ryu, Horohoro, Amidamaru and other people including the rest of legendary warriors. He leads a life in which he can’t make use of his explosive talent and therefore feels down about it… but then a boy said to be “another Asakura” with a “wicked” power appears before him!!!? Not only the distinguished Asakura family, but the whole world will get involved in this splendid story that is about to start!!!

Be sure to check out the entire Chapter 1 discussion, including official raws of the new chapter, at PatchCafe!

English translations:

The previously published (November 2009) one-shot Shaman King: Flowers Zero Story Chapter 1: “Twisted World” is available here.

Update: 4/29/2012

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 1 “Tsubomi” is available now on Mangastream.

Update: 5/22/2012

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 2 “A Relative Wants Me Dead” is out on!

Update: 6/26/2012

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 3 “Withered?” is out on!

Update: 8/6/2012

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 4 “Racket Festival in Nishitokyo” is out on!

It’s the final chapter of volume 1 – when chapter 5 comes out in Japan, you can buy the first volume.

Update: 9/13/2012

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 5 “The Return of the Shaman’s Ambitions” is out on!

For chapter 5 discussion, there’s good info – and more pictures – over at PatchCafe.

Now that chapter 5 (the final chapter of volume 1) is out in Japan, you can buy the first volume. Volume 2 is anticipated in February 2013, per PatchCafe. Remember, buying the manga volumes, either hard copies or digital through Viz, supports Takei!


Also, there are a number of Shaman King figures in the works. There are 3 Asakura’s: Yoh, Hao, and Anna. The Rio: Bone Yoh is available for order now.

Also, Chapter 6: “Home Raid” is out – English scanlations are at (or you can read them here). There is a chapter summary in English available over at PatchCafe, along with Chapter 6 discussion and spoilers!

(Note: the guys over at PatchCafe are actually the ones who do the English scanlations for MangaPanda. #gratitude)

I also found a Shaman King Flowers tumblr blog.

And last, but not least…  Well guys, I’m wondering if you like the updates tacked on to the end of this getting-really-long post, or if you’d rather get updates in individual posts? Let me know your thoughts! Thx.

Update 10/11/12:

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 7 “Sense Of Loss” is out on MangaPanda.  Read spoilers and discussion at Patchcafe. You can also read the chapter at MankinTrad.

shaman-king-flowers-ch 7

Update 1/2/2013:

Happy New Year! Lots of Shaman King goodies for January! Don’t forget – buy to support Takei.

First, a little catching up…

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 8 “Good Boys Don’t Elope” is out in English on MankinTrad, and on MangaPanda. Check out the chapter discussion on


Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 9 “Shocking Mall 2014” is out on MankinTrad, and on MangaPanda. Check out the discussion at – along with info on Mankin Fanbook 2!


Here’s also some color pages and covers from MangaPanda!

shaman-king-flowers-ch9 Xcover

shaman-king-flowers-ch9 woodensword

shaman-king-flowers-ch9 color

Here’s a side by side shot of Mankin Fanbook 1 and 2 from via the official JumpKai Twitter account; Mankin Fanbook 2 comes with the January issue of Jump Kai:


(Check out for a sneak preview of the Shaman King Flowers volume 2 cover!)

Update 3/21/2013:

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 10 “Setsubun” is out on


Update 6/14/2013:

Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 11 “Oni, Lying Bye The River” in English is out on For chapter 11 discussion and more info, visit



Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 12 “Babylon Boy” in English is out on For chapter 12 discussion and more info, visit



Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 13 “10% Full Bloom in English is out on For chapter discussion and more info, visit



Spoilers are up at for Chapter 14.

Be sure to support Tekei and Shaman King by buying Volume 2 and 3!

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