Reviews By Kids, For Kids: The Aether Mod for Minecraft

If you love playing Minecraft, there’s something new you should try: The Aether Mod.  A mod is pretty much an expansion to the game.  The users of Minecraft can program their own mods in Minecraft.  Why use a mod?  Maybe you want some extra fun stuff to do in Minecraft.  In fact, there’s a mod for just about anything that you could think of:  a time machine, more cooking, spells, more magic, more crafting, skills, and much more.

However, there is one mod that is basically a huge overhaul of the game that has been in development for about 4 months and was just recently released, and that is the Aether Mod.

The Aether, if you don’t know, is pretty much like Heaven.  During the Halloween update, Notch, the creator of Minecraft, added the Nether, which is pretty much like Hell.  So the Aether is like the opposite of the Nether.

The reason why the Aether is so great is because of the new content it adds to the game.  One of the things it adds that people find to be one of the more attractive parts of the mod is breeding your own Moa (pretty much a giant bird that you can fly around on).  You can choose the color of your Moa, and you can raise it by feeding it, and then when it is grown up, you can fly it around.

That’s just one part of the Aether Mod.  The part that I find the most exciting is the new dungeon system.  In the normal Minecraft, you can find dungeons, but they are basically just boxes of cobblestone with a monster spawner inside.  The Aether dungeon system is great because there is more than one room, more treasure, and the best part:  bosses.  The bosses drop keys that you need to open the treasure chest at the end.  There are also 3 different levels of dungeons:  bronze, silver, and gold. (gold being the hardest).  And each one has a different boss and way to beat the dungeon and get the treasure.

There are LOTS of other parts of the Aether Mod – including flying pigs.  For more information, including the official download link and How To Install tutorials, you can check out the Aether Mod on the Minecraft forums here.

Posted by Nick.

What’s Minecraft?  You can find our previous review of this online 3D sandbox style construction and survival adventure game here.  Be forewarned: it’s addicting.

Update: We’ve had a couple of questions about dungeons in the Aether mod:

  • Q. How do you open treasure chests in the Aether?   A. You need to get the key from beating the boss.
  • Q. Is there more than one gold dungeon in the Aether? Is there more than one of each dungeon in the Aether mod?   A. Answer to both is yes, there is more than one of each type of dungeon – including gold, especially bronze.


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    Dan Kegel said,

    I wrote a little tutorial for how to install Aether, it’s at

    • 2

      llww said,

      Wow!! Thanks for the link to your “A Grownup’s Guide to Installing Minecraft 1.2.5 with Aether”. A very helpful, worthwhile endeavor as it can be tricky when it comes to installing Minecraft mods. Even my boys, who know how to script, sometimes run into issues. Community-generated mods are great, but it can be a bit “wild west” out there. And the Aether mod is a very popular, much loved mod. So, yeah, thanks! 🙂

      (Note: for all you minecrafters reading this – yes, Minecraft is at 1.3.1, yet this guide is for 1.2.5, as the Aether mod hasn’t yet been updated to 1.3.1. The author includes directions how to downgrade your Minecraft from 1.3.1 back to 1.2.5 to run Aether.)

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