What’s Hot: Minecraft “TNT” (parody of Dynamite)

Yesterday my kids and their friends set off a massive TNT explosion in Minecraft that caused all 8 computers in our house to lag, and 2 of them to reboot.  You never heard such hysterical shrieking and gut-busting laughter.  Who doesn’t love blowing things up?

Today on the commute in to school, the kids showed me this Minecraft video – called “TNT”, a parody of Taio Cruz’s popular Dynamite song.  It’s Sweet.

You see, my new Toyota Sienna has a spot on the dashboard where there’s an indent for the back-up camera LCD – so when I’m in reverse I can see what’s behind me.  Turns out my Android smartphone fits perfectly in that spot, and we launch videos on YouTube, set the phone on the dash, and watch videos to wake us up in the morning while driving to school.  Gotta love technology.

Another Minecraft song they like is Minecraft Everyday.

Here’s the Minecraft creeper tee shirt we just bought from Jinx.  It’s so soft…

You can check out Notch’s YouTube channel here.

Here’s a couple more fun wake-up-in-the-morning songs for ya:

  • Mad Surfer – by Kenichi Asai (from Bleach)
  • DotA – by Basshunter (not much video to watch with this link, as kids aren’t allowed to watch official video with the sexy drinking…)

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    […] I use all the Minecraft parodies and songs to wake up my kids in the morning.  They make a great get-up-and-go alarm clock!  I play them on my Droid, and just leave the phone in […]

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