Maplestory facial expressions, find ’em here – F5!

One of the fun things about playing MapleStory is interacting with other players through your character.  You can customize your character with in-game equips including a wide variety of clothes and weapons purchased for mesos.  You can also purchase NX cash with real money and access the Cash Shop for a huge selection of equips, hair style/color and face change coupons, and more.

Using different facial expressions when interacting with other players is fun, and helps get the meaning of what you’re saying across more clearly.  Maplestory gives you 7 default facial expressions, accessed by using the F1 through F7 keys.  There are additional facial expressions you can purchase in the Cash Shop.  It’s also common for players in-game and in forums to use the expressions while typing, kind of a Maplestory leet-speak.  If someone says F5, that means they’re Screaming Angry!  Or if they say F7, that would mean Sorrowfully Sad.  Also, try not to F3 people you’ve just met too much.

Here’s a list of all the different facial expressions in Maplestory:

Standard facial expressions









NX facial expressions – Cash Shop (1,000 nx each)


Dragon Breath 




Sparkling Eyes 



Goo Goo 


Panicky  (couldn’t find on BannedStory !?)

Whoa Whoa 



Constant Sigh 

Facial expressions last for about 4 seconds after you press their assigned hotkey.  Purchased NX cash facial expressions expire in 90 days.  Face change coupons permanently change your look (eyebrows, eyes, mouth), not your face expression.

Yesterday our house was filled with 8 middle schoolers on laptops all playing Maplestory together.  They had a blast pqing, training, and exploring together.  Made me wish I could join them…  Anyways, what’s your favorite Maplestory facial expression – F2 ?

Maplestory bonus

Here’s a video I love, that gives you a feel of what Maplestory is all about, with a song I love, Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi.

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  1. 1

    Quinn said,

    This really helped me, thanks. 🙂

  2. 2

    tristen said,

    i will never get more

  3. 3

    Zanchan said,

    Thanks! I used your faces to make an emoticon pack for phpBB3 forums (pak file won’t work for older phpBB versions but the images are all there anyway). You can download it here (38kB zip file containing PNG files and one PAK file).

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