Review: The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan

I really wanted to like The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan.  We discovered and loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which was all about Greek mythology.  The Kane Family Chronicles, of which The Red Pyramid is Book One, is all about Egyptian mythology.  Since I loved The Lightning Thief, Greek mythology, and Egyptian mythology, the potential for me to enjoy this book was very high.  Sadly, while The Red Pyramid is educational and mildly entertaining, the story plods along, with rarely a page turner where you can’t wait to read what happens next.

The Red Pyramid is the story of Carter and Sadie Kane.  It’s told in a distracting way, with Carter and Sadie as narrators, changing every chapter or two.  Since his mother’s death, Carter’s been travelling the world with his Dad, an Egyptologist, while Sadie, his younger sister has been living in London with his grandparents.  One night, the kids go with their Dad to the British Museum, so he can “set things right”.  Things, of course, go horribly wrong.  Their Dad disappears, and it turns out he inadvertently released a number of Egyptian gods.  The kids must work together to try and save their Dad, all the while on the run from the evil god Set who is after them.  Carter and Sadie work to figure out why Set is after them, what is going on, who is good and who is evil, why they seem to have special powers, and how can they stop a conspiracy for Chaos to take over the world, which will lead to the destruction of North America.

It’s back to school, and that means 30 minutes of reading every night before bed, and each kid has to have a different book.  Sometimes, when it’s a really good book, we read it together, taking turns reading pages, and passing the book around.  We tried that with The Red Pyramid.  But, honestly, it couldn’t hold the kids attention.  We were all bored, myself included.  I kept saying, give it a chance, I’m sure it’ll get interesting soon.  Finally, I couldn’t get the kids to listen anymore, so I took the book for myself to read.  I hate leaving a book half read.  Someone worked so hard to write it, and it’s kind of like leaving a perfectly good dinner half eaten.  And we all know, you shouldn’t wasted food.  (Unless, it tastes absolutely terrible, right?) 

Keep in mind, I am a reading addict.  I’ll skip eating and sleeping to read.  I‘ll read anything that’s not fastened down – backs of cereal boxes, any book I can get my hands on, and even, when I was younger and ran out of books to read, my grandmothers huge, 8” thick library style dictionary.  When the last Harry Potter book came out, I read the entire thing through in 25 hours.  And yes, I did sleep for 3 of those.  So, I worked on reading The Red Pyramid.  And it was mostly work.  I slogged through it until the end, and then, it wasn’t like I wanted more, I was just glad it was done.

If you love all things Egyptian, give it a try.  Maybe you’ll love it.  It just didn’t do it for me.


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