Review: Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies Cruisin’ / Pet Carrier

Furry Frenzies are “fast, furry, and full of funny sounds”.  Basically, they are a new Zhu Zhu Pet clone.  My daughter received the Friends Furry Frenzies Cruisin’ / Pet Carrier for her birthday.  (This toy is SO new, they can’t seem to agree on a name, as on some sites it’s listed as Pet Carrier, and others as Cruisin’ Carrier.)

The Cruisin’ Carrier comes with 1 Furry Frenzy pet – Bumper McBones (a dog).  The take-along carrier case is easy to snap together, and we had fun putting all the colorful stickers on.  It’s a nice little thing to carry 1 or 2 pets in, and the little extra pieces were fun for imaginative play.

The carrier has a handle, and see-through sides, and several openings (none big enough so that your pet will fall out, though) so you can check on your pet.  Inside is a circular area for your pet to run around on.  Doors on 3 sides of the carrier open – one automatically closes when your pet runs in.  The side door opens and has spots to attach the include food and water dishes; you can let your pet run round and round, then open that door and it’ll come out and “eat”.  Comes with 9 accessories (mini plastic teddy bear, hairbrush, pillow, small blanket, can of snacks, water bowl, food bowl, collar, an attachable leash) a mailbox, with moveable door and flag, and “real” letters to put inside, and a large sheet of stickers to customize your carrier.

We also played with the pet on the hardwood floor (no carpets – bad for the wheels) and had races, but then put it to bed with its pillow, blanket, and teddy.

The Cruisin’ Carrier is a fun and engaging toy, perfectly priced for a birthday gift for your child’s friends.  My daughter loves it!  Furry Frenzies are cuddly, cute, zip around on wheels, and make not-too-annoying noises.  Interestingly, my daughter says she likes her Furry Frenzy pets MORE than her Zhu Zhu pets, because they are “more cute and cuddly”.

Recommended age is 4 and up; there are small parts, so you’d want to be careful of that with younger kids.  With any age, it’s important you don’t get the wheels going near your child’s hair (just like with Zhu Zhu Pets) as hair will get tangled in the spinning wheels.  If your child plans to sleep with it, just take the batteries out.  Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

A quick price check shows you can get the Cruisin’ Carrier online at Amazon for $17.99, Target for $14.89, or HasbroToyShop for $14.99.


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