Review: What To Buy Me – Facebook wishlist

How many times have you wanted to get someone a gift, and wished you knew what they would like?  I’ve been beta testing What To Buy Me – a new Facebook app that allows you to create a wishlist, share it with your friends, and see your friends wishlists.

It was fun thinking about things I would like, and creating my wishlist.  The app is very simple to use – just a description and priority ranking is required for each wish.  There are also 2 levels of privacy: a default list setting, and an individual wish setting.  A Facebook account is required to use this app.

According to What To Buy Me, most wishlists are tied to product links – you find something you like, click on it, and it’s dropped into a wishlist.  (That’s the way my Amazon wishlist works.)  I like the fact that I can just freeform enter things I like, whether they have links or not.  I also like the way you can find out interesting things about a person by looking a their list.  The app is free, and it’ll be interesting to see if this helps me with my holiday shopping and crafting. 


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