By Kids, For Kids: TEDxRedmond


If you’re fortunate enough to live near Redmond, Washington, you won’t want to miss TEDxRedmond.  Organized by kids, for kids, TEDxRedmond will be held on Saturday, September 18th, at the Microsoft Conference Center with the theme: Power to the Students!  If you don’t live near Redmond, you can still participate by watching a live, online stream at home, or by watching recorded videos, after the event, at home.

Check out the amazing and inspiring group of young speakers here, including lead organizer Adora Svitak.

After speaking at the annual TED conference in Long Beach, California, twelve-year-old teacher, speaker, and author Adora Svitak wanted to bring a TED-like experience home to Redmond, Washington. “I had such a great experience during my first time at TED, but I realized that not everyone had such an opportunity,” she explained. “Through TEDxRedmond, I’m hoping to share the magic of TED in an independently organized event.”

“I’d heard about the TEDx program and I was intrigued,” said Svitak. “I started thinking about how I could get kids my age thinking about learning and leadership — particularly from speakers their own age.”

Created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading”,  TEDxRedmond is for students in grades six through ten.  If you’d like to participate, either as an on-site attendee, as a speaker, or by watching a live stream or recorded videos post event, be sure to check out the attend page here.


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