Review: Nerf, Part 2, Guns!

Nerf makes guns more than any other weapon.  Most Nerf guns have interchangeable ammo – larger guns with ammo clips, or rapid fires, use snub nose darts; smaller guns use suction cup tipped darts.  They also have dart tag guns that use Velcro tipped darts, and a few guns that shoot foam balls.

When you’re selecting a gun, there are some important considerations:

  • easy to carry – especially when running or hiding
  • good maneuverability – not too big and unwieldy
  • easy and fast to reload
  • accurate aim
  • fires darts a good distance (usually the bigger the gun, the farther it fires, but that is not always the case)

It’s also fun to have lots of guns for teams, so when in doubt, go for quantity and price – it’s better to have 4 $10 guns, than to have 1 huge $40 gun.

The most important thing about Nerf guns?  Respect your ammo.  Take good care of your darts – keep them in a container where they won’t get smushed, squished, or bent.  Damaged darts won’t fire as well, or go as far.

Want to know the secret to winning a Nerf gun battle?  It’s all about the ammo – the easiest way to shut down the other team is to pick up, and keep (or hide) all the ammo they fire at you.

Some of the guns we have:

  • Longstrike ($35) too big gun.
  • Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 ($29) sick, awesome gun; lightweight, lots of ammo, but takes time to load all that ammo.
  • Maverick ($13) small, can hold 6 darts.
  • Recon CS-6 ($20) way too big; we don’t even use the back/shoulder piece or the site.
  • Dart tag ($27) we don’t use the Velcro darts too much, as they’re dangerous to the eyes; we don’t use the vests at all, or the glasses.  It’s a nice idea though, we just use it differently.
  • Nite Finder EX-3, 2 pk ($13) My favorite guns by far; small, lightweight, and accurate.  Add a couple AA batteries, and you get a red laser site, which is fun.  Only comes with 6 darts, so get an extra pack of darts, or you’ll spend all your time hunting for ammo.
  • Firefly REV-8 ($21) nice size, comes with 8 glow-in-the-dark darts.
  • Big Bad Bow ($20) we didn’t bother assembling the plastic bow parts; we just use it as a gun, with extra big rocket arrow darts!
  • Magstrike ($20) rapid fire nerf guns are dear to my heart; there’s nothing like pouncing out and nailing someone with 10 darts in a row!  Comes with a quick loading magazine that holds 10 darts.
  • Longshot CS-6 ($58) another too big gun; we could never successfully keep this gun assembled, and the actual gun part broke.
  • N-strike ($75) worth the money; this gun is actually 3 separate blasters – a Scout Blaster pistol, a Hornet with 6 shots, and the Titan Blaster which is a huge rocket launcher (we don’t let the kids use this one unsupervised in the house).  You can assemble them to make “one awesome unit of soft foam rubber destruction”, but we just use them separately, ‘cause seriously, this thing is massive and heavy as one unit.
  • Nite Finder (single pack) ($7 – 10) the best gun for quantity; buy the 2 pack, tho, it’s cheaper.
  • Micro Darts refill pack ($10) include 30 suction tipped micro darts, and a little mesh bag.
  • Suction Darts 36 pack ($10) no mesh bag, but you get 36 darts.
  • Clip system, snub nose darts 36 pack ($9) for using with rapid fire or recon guns.

Update:  Just read on Crunchgear about the up and coming Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50. The first fully automatic NERF Clip System blaster – shoots 18 darts a minute and includes 3 full clips, 1 small 5 dart clip, a bipod, and a blast shield.  Retail cost will be $55.  This gun looks huge, but wow, sounds like maximum extreme fun.

Hands on with the Nerf Stamped ECS-50 from CrunchGear on Vimeo.



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