Bunny in a stroller, snake in a sling

Our house bunny needed his nails clipped yesterday.  It was such a hot day, and I had to bring all the kids with me, I thought – I am NOT carrying a pet carrier all around the mall.  So we did the next best thing, and hauled the old twin baby stroller out of the basement.

Wary of strange people’s stares, I carefully placed a blanket over the top of the stroller, and it looked like any other baby stroller.  The only problem I could see, would be running into someone I knew, who would then think I had another child!

We ran all our errands, and headed to the pet store.  Pulled up the stroller, and uncovered the pet carrier.  There was already a customer at the counter, buying some tasty mice for her pet snake.  She was gently petting and rubbing her snake, while talking to the clerk and paying for a mouse dinner.

When she finished, she lifted up the snake and gently placed him in a baby sling, which she placed over her shoulder.  As she left the store, I laughed.  I mean, how strange is that?  A bunny in a stroller, and a snake in a sling.


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