Blockland: How to create a character (playertype)

We’ve had a couple requests on how to create a Blockland character, so I’ve asked our kid pro Blockland scripter to write a quick guide, which follows:

How to create a Blockland Playertype (Character):

Note:  for PC users only.

First you have to create a ZIP folder.  To do this, first download WinRar (Search it on Google).  After you have that, copy another ZIP folder from your Blockland Add-Ons folder and rename it to what you want.  (Most playertype’s use “Player_YourPlayerNameHere”).

Once you have that done, open it with WinRar.  Inside you will see a “server.cs” file and a “description.txt” file.  All the other files you won’t need, so you can just delete them.

Now, open the “description.txt” file, and replace its contents with your own.  Then open the “server.cs” file.  To open a .cs file, you can use notepad, Torque IDE, C++ Express edition, Torsion, and more.  I don’t recommend Microsoft Word, and Word Pad.  To set it so that whenever you want to open a .cs file, it opens with your text editor / code editor, you do this:

1. Rightclick the file.

2. Go to Properties.

3. Find “Opens With:”

4. Click “Change”

5. Find your program.

Ok, now that you have the server.cs file opened, let’s look at the code.  It should look something like this:

//no jets at all

datablock PlayerData(PlayerNoJet : PlayerStandardArmor)


 minJetEnergy = 0;  //how much energy you need to jet

 jetEnergyDrain = 0;  //how much energy it drains for jetting

 canJet = 0;  //The player can’t jet

 uiName = “No-Jet Player”;  //The name of the playertype

 showEnergyBar = false;  //Does not show the energy bar


That is the code for a No-Jet Player, a player type is normal, but can’t use jets.

Now if you want to change how fast the player can go, this is some code that you can use:

datablock PlayerData(PlayerQuakeArmor : PlayerStandardArmor)


   runForce = 100 * 90;

   runEnergyDrain = 0;

   minRunEnergy = 0;

   maxForwardSpeed = 15;

   maxBackwardSpeed = 15;

   maxSideSpeed = 15;

   maxForwardCrouchSpeed = 7;

   maxBackwardCrouchSpeed = 7;

   maxSideCrouchSpeed = 7;

   jumpForce = 9 * 90; //8.3 * 90;

   jumpEnergyDrain = 0;

   minJumpEnergy = 0;

   jumpDelay = 0;

 minJetEnergy = 0;

 jetEnergyDrain = 0;

 canJet = 0;

 uiName = “Quake-Like Player”;

 showEnergyBar = false;

   runSurfaceAngle  = 55;

   jumpSurfaceAngle = 55;


This is the code for the “Quake-like Player”.  This one runs faster, but jumps lower.  You can take bits of this code and put it in your own to see what it does.  Enjoy!


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    Danny said,

    Is there a way that I could show health? Also, my main concern right now is this: I need to create a player type that automatically has items. These items are different for every player type so I need code for it. Is there a way to do that?


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