Review: Paperoni

My daughter received the Spin Master Paperoni 3D Pig Kit as a birthday gift.  She was excited to try it, and it seemed like a fun, easy craft she could do on her own.  She carefully opened it, we looked at the instructions, and she even got a little bowl for all the little rolled up paper pieces.  The 3D kits come with a hard plastic form covered with a self adhesive coating, and a pack of 350 tiny colorful paper rolls.  In theory all you need to do is place the Paperoni pieces on, and voila!  You have a cute critter!

She worked at it patiently, giving up on the tweezers fairly quickly, and placing each tiny roll by hand.  And they started falling off.  And she put them back on.  And more would fall off.  She’d get a bunch on, try to place the ears and eyes, and again, pieces would fall off.

I haven’t been this disappointed in a toy since we tried Pixos.  You know, the tiny plastic balls you build with, spray with water and they stay stuck together?  Except they don’t.  Stay stuck together, that is.  They fall apart.  (They used to be called AquaDots, but that’s another story.)

The Spinmaster Paperoni 3D Pig Kit retails for $7.99, and there are several other 3D kits available including elephant, monkey, cat, poodle, tropical bird, and tiger.  Paperoni’s also come in 2D kits, using flat templates instead of the 3D forms, and those might stick together better.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.  But, don’t waste your money.  Unless Spinmaster can improve the adhesive, Paperoni 3D is no fun at all.


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