Reviews By Kids, For Kids: Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Hatena

First, Flipnote Studio is one of the ways to reach the Flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena.  Flipnote Studio is only located on the DSi or DSi XL. It is an application that is completely free. You can find it in the DSi or DSi XL shop. In Flipnote Studio, you can create your own Flipnote and share it with the world if you access Flipnote Hatena and post it in your selected channel.  The way to reach Flipnote Hatena on your DSi or DSi XL is easy. Simply open Flipnote Studio and under Create Flipnote and View Flipnote is a green button that says Flipnote Hatena.  Once You Click the green button, a small window will open up. Click ok and you will proceed to Flipnote Hatena. The DSi has many applications, but this is my favorite one.

To reach Flipnote Hatena on the Computer, all you have to do is go to the website.  At this website, you can browse through the flipnotes, find your favorite ones, and show them to your friends. Some flipnotes are junk. These are some of my favorites:

Simon Z vs DK

Secret to Success

Ice vs. Fire, Part 1

You can make your own flipnotes, you can share them with the world, but I just like watching other people’s flipnotes.

Flipnote Studio: Free; ages 7 and up
Flipnote Hatena: Free-you can spend money for things if you want; ages 8 and up

Reviewed by Peter, age 10

Cell Phones Can Kill Bees:  video by gizmo (kingboo7), a 14 year old master Flipnote animator from California

A little more information about Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Hatena

Flipnote Studio:

Got a Nintendo DSi?  Then you already have access to the free Flipnote Studio software.  Using Flipnote Studio you can use your DSi to create flipbook-like animations.  Draw pictures and words (using only the colors black, blue, and red) with the DSi stylus, add images from the DSi Camera, and record sounds or music with DSi Sound.  Flipnote Studio gives you the tools to put it all together and create your own animations. 

Flipnote Hatena:

Once you’ve created your animations using Flipnote Studio, register (for free) with Flipnote Hatena, and upload your animations to share with friends.  Using Flipnote Hatena’s online service, you connect to the Internet to upload your own animations, and view other people’s Flipnotes.  On the Flipnote Hatena website you can add comments and stars to the Flipnotes that you like.  You can also track your favorite creators, which comes in handy when you see the thousands of Flipnotes available for viewing.

Guide to Flipnote Hatena
How to post a Flipnote
How to get a Hatena ID

So, if you see a bunch of kids huddled together with their DSi’s, and you hear laughter, and the faint strains of that classic “Do You Like Waffles?” song, you can bet your kids have already discovered the creative fun that is Flipnotes.


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  1. 1

    Precious De Peralta said,

    I love Flipnote Hatena, and so when I grow up, i want to be an animator! It’s the best! You can create your own, and watch some flipnotes on the internet, and have fun! It’s very fun, not just hard-working, but fun. It just makes your drawings even better! Before, my drawings were horrible and very bad, but Flipnote Hatena just made my way. Almost everyone’s start is a stick figure so animation doen’t go to hard.

  2. 2

    Olo said,

    I think it sucks there is to much cancer/scary/child abuse/s*x Storys on their.And the online dating on their is stupid & Not safe.I recommend just the flipnote studio.Its Just So Gay .-. SO PARENTS,DONT LET YOUR KID GET HATENA UNLESS YOU SUPERVISE THEM.A Review From A Kid Bye.

    • 3

      llww said,

      Thanks for your review! Kids input is always appreciated. There IS a lot of junk / trash / inappropriate / stupid stuff on Flipnote Hatena, but there is also a lot of funny, nicely animated stuff too. So, yeah, I agree that parents SHOULD absolutely supervise their kids on Hatena. And kids, don’t clutter up your brain with stupid, inappropriate junk – only watch the good stuff. #useyourbestjudgement (For example, if you like Bleach, watch this one.)

      • 4

        Olo said,

        I Absolutely Agree! Thanks So Much For Your Help. So Just View The Funny Stuff & Ignore The Bad Stuff 🙂

  3. 5

    Omega said,

    I don’t like it so much. The animation software is kind of outdated even with advanced tools. Plus, there’s a bunch of boring, annoying, or stupid crap like online dating, rants, star beggars. I just don’t think it’s the best place for me. The only reason I’m still on it is that I have friends that I still like to talk to and have fun with.

    • 6

      llww said,

      There is definitely a lot of garbage on there, but there are also some gems. Just have to take the good with the bad, I guess. Though, I find we are using it less and less as time goes on…

  4. 7

    Gabriele Floriano Da Silva said,

    Hello, I would like to know how I can get one of these flipnotes, do I have to pay? Well, I’m Brazilian and I was interested in the product … I’m sorry, the PAST English, I’m using the translator.

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