Reviews By Kids, For Kids: Silly Bandz

This is a Silly Band.  You can get them for five dollars.  Rip off, right?  You can get some Silly Bandz at Spencer’s or Target.  They come in many shapes, like animals, sports, and baseball.  They go on your wrist, not in your mouth.  They are a bracelet.  I think they are banning the Silly Bandz from our school.

Reviewed by Katy, age 7

A little more information about Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz are die molded rubber bands made of silicone that hold their shape.  They come in an assortment of rainbow colors, and can be worn on your wrist.  When you take them off, if you give them a shake, they return to their original shape.  You can collect, trade, or wear them.

Kids tend to wear masses of them on their wrists, although the smaller bands can be uncomfortably tight and interfere with circulation.

They are surprisingly expensive, at $5 for 24 – around 21 cents each.  Each 24 pack comes in a theme:  pets, fun, zoo, sea, basic, dinosaurs, western, alphabet, princess, Rockbandz, spring, fantasy, baseball, rainforest, beach, or art fest.

Worthless when they break, kids sometimes go to extremes to trade them.  So much so, they have actually been banned at our local elementary and middle schools.

Kids are going crazy for Silly Bandz, but whenever I see kids wearing Silly Bandz the only thing I can think of is, why didn’t I invent these?

Harmless, but expensive fun.  Recommended for ages 5 and up.


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